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Данный сайт активно использует технологию JavaScript. Пожалуйста, Включите JavaScript в вашем браузере. Комментарии Комментарий от Predatorr - Побережье Лазурного ветра Комментарий от Avenit - Озеро Элрендар 61, Комментарий от juleo Водопад Элрендар Комментарий от Honna Безмятежный берег 28, Комментарий от Nemary Тропа Золотой Ветви 33, Комментарий от Ch1Ck3n Рунный камень Фалитас 43, Комментарий от Xumep Побережье лазурного ветра 69, Комментарий от Ivanesus КАРТА RESPBREAK DELIM adashiel DELIM.

Комментарий от dasgrey Я не умею пользоваться этими направлениями, надо какой то аддон? Комментарий от djkarapuz Как попасть на локацию? Комментарий от Koshechka Побережье лазурного ветра сделала на Комментарий от Ramphis Чёрт,как Луносвет-то открыть? При подходе к воротам не засчитывается,а ближе-агятся стражники И флай маунт не работает на локе.

Комментарий от sklif Для картографа tomtom: Перепроверено, дописано и обновлено. Все точки в алфавитном порядке, по названию.

Леса Вечной Песни - Достижение - World of Warcraft

Разделено по символов, чтобы в макрос влезало. Комментарий от alternabilis Руины Луносвета спокойно открываются, если идти к их воротам вдоль южной стены, очень близко к. Комментарий от urbylco Небольшая хитрость для низкоуровневых разбойников Альянса при исследовании точки "Луносвет": Сам прошел таким образом на 70м уровне.

Поскольку стража не отстает даже после использования исчезновения, необходимо использовать его до тогокак стражники войдут в бой. Комментарий от AsTraS Сократил макрос. Зачем нам 10 макросов? Комментарий от skarraks У кого не стоит аддон на координаты и кто не может найти Побережье Лазурного Ветра - оно чуть вверху и справа от Замка Блеклых Сумерек по карте.

Комментарии Комментарий от spike I had a bit of trouble finding Azurebreeze Coast, but eventually found it north east of Duskwither Spire Everything else should be pretty simple, good luck!

Леса Вечной Песни

Комментарий от Brizzl Everytime i try to reach 56 48 to get Silvermoon City explored, guards kill me. Is there another point to earn this? Ok, stupid me, you gotta run by them and around to the left or right like entrance to first bosses room in Magisters terrace. Комментарий от honkycat My daughter just found a way in to Silvermoon City without dying. There is a small crack in the wall at 53, Just go right in there and right back out! Комментарий от Ragaxen just as a reply to the one 2 above this one, going naked means ur armour doesnt get any durability taken off it like it normally does when you die.

Комментарий от barbartos cords pls m8. Комментарий от Theodicus Knocked this entire area out in about an hour as an alliance paladin player. For the grande finale - Silvermoon City: I took off all my armor damn near buttnaked jumped on my Charger with Crusader Aura and headed for the main entrance.

I made past all the guards by the gates and into the city. Roamed the city freely for about 5 mins and tried to leave. Got caught by the huge garrison waiting by the front gate. Guess they were miffed at the fact that some naked dude on a horse just crashed their city gates - LMAO! Комментарий от Ambalrith Actually to find Azurebreeze Coast you only have to go to this location: Комментарий от helenlister Oh will look for that, thanks! Just cross the islands in the middle of it.

Комментарий от Tullethre If you have The Cartographer map addon, you use the above coordinates to make 3 macros that push the waypoints onto your map. I named the macros Eversong1, 2 and 3 but you can name them anything you like. The following is the lines for the three macros: After running the macros, you can look at the map and remove any waypoints that you have already discovered and then just ride to the waypoints.

I even tried Noggenfogger. Finally just ran through the front gate and back out again. Managed to outrun my attackers. Комментарий от Deilleta On Dec 27th, I attempted to discover the locations in Eversong Woods, however the achievement was not logging credit for the discoveries right away.

After my fourth discovery in the zone, I began getting credit. You just have to go around it. Комментарий от Mordak Can you just enter by the main entrance or better yet, use the translocator in the ruins or lordaeron? Комментарий от Omgwtfbbq ffs cant discover erendar falls. Комментарий от FenrisHalo Yeah, get your char to and giddy up. Комментарий от Sarilyn My female draenei could not squeeze into the gap far enough to get credit for exploration.

One of the spots near the wall caused my character to get stuck, so I had to hearth out and wait a half hour. Running in the front gates did get me the achievement, but I was unable to outrun my attackers -- a half dozen guards and a handful of Horde players. Due to lag, my Divine Shield ran out before the hearthstone was completed, and the swarm dropped my character quickly.

Silvermoon City is evil evil evil. Комментарий от Myriell i got the silvermoon ruins at So being an engineer I crafted a Gnomish Cloaking Device and equipped it. I had 10 seconds to run up the stairs, scoot past the guards at the gate, get the achievement.

Комментарий от Rispetto You has daughter? I has phone number? Комментарий от DJAngeleyes The guards at Silvermoon as of this morning are now level 85 and I never found the crack that was mentioned in earlier posts. I just got on my mount and ran like the wind into the city and back out had 4 guards chasing me at the point and just kept running until I lost the aggro.

Побережье Лазурного Ветра на карте Мира. I got credit for the Ruins a short way in, ran around a little and then departed. That crack saved my butt. Комментарий от Lithuen08 The crack doesnt work anymore as far as i can tell Подскажите как получить это достижение игроку Альянса, учитывая что необходимо попасть в Луносвет. After an hour of trying to find sneaky ways in, I ended up getting into Silvermoon City by simply stealthing through the front gate. С чего начинать игру. Silvermoon City is evil evil evil. Комментарий от PlaywowEu

Комментарий от Lithuen08 The crack doesnt work anymore as far as i can tell Made a run for the gate and got one hit by the guards before I even made it pass their posts. Комментарий от 3daysgrace I just dismissed my water elemental, invisibilitied, and then ran in the front gate: Комментарий от Chanchi Heads up to Alliance, the guards on the bridge leading to Sunstrider Isle are now level 90 elites and can one-shot an Wade through the water to safely discover the isle.

However, I finally got the achievement by sprinting into the city, getting killed about ten steps away, and then using the ghost form to stroll past the guards and into the city. Комментарий от Jouii Update: But, you can see the top of the Spire. Keep it clean, people Some of us are adults. Комментарий от QCNoob Just found a nice and easy way to go in. Went into the front gate of silvermoon, gone the right way, then runed all round the center part, left on the left way.

Discover Silvermoon, took 30k dmg, and still alive. Комментарий от ExileFromLife So, the trick to getting into SMC for Alliance is to go in the front gates as far as possible I made it about 4 feet in as a lvl 60 dwarf pallydie, then go to the range limit for resurrection in spirit form, then res. It may take a few tries, depending on your level, but it only took me twice to do it.

Комментарий от PlaywowEu Комментарий от tethyius cannot find the azurebreeze coast to complete Explore Eversong Woods: Комментарий от Schon I found a neat way to get Silvermoon City explored as an Alliance player! Follow the coast line to the backside of Silvermoon City. Hug the wall of the city, and follow it all the way around until you find a tiny crack in the wall of the city! D Wedge yourself in there and it should give you Silvermoon City! This is how I did it on my Night Elf: I did not realize that my comment mad people so angry Комментарий от sioneld TomTom Macro Horde can get Silvermoon, Alliance should use the crack found in comments below.

Комментарий от ycookingmom29 I am a lvl 83 female dwarf hunter and i was on a chopper. I slid in the crack very easy but I had to back up when I got the achievement. That crack saved my butt. I did run in and discovered Ruins of Silvermoon but i got killed several times.

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If you find the coords, you will see a large yellow "column" for lack of a better word, with some red detail on it.
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Западные Чумные земли - Достижение Западные Чумные земли Достижение Исследуйте Западные Чумные земли, открыв все их области на карте. Комментарий от djkarapuz Как попасть на локацию? Остров Лазурной Дымки карта Долина Аммен 77,
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